The Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science is a research and educational department, whose members are focused on teaching, research and application of quantitative methods in economics, in the field of financial and Actuarial and mathematical analysis.

The Department provides teaching of all-university subjects, such as mathematics and selected chapters of mathematics in all forms of study and 21 other subjects, which are either mandatory, mandatory-optional or optional subjects at the faculties of the University of Economics in Bratislava. The Department provides an accredited study program ACTUARIAL Science at the second level of study in the study field 3.3.24 Quantitative methods in economics. The Department of Mathematics and Acturial Science is divided into two sections.


Study offered

The Department of Mathematics and Actuarial studies is a guarantor of the study program Actuarial Science, which is the only study program in the field of full study of the current ACTUARIAL science in Slovakia and unique in the central European area. The study of subjects guaranteed by the Department in the study program of the Actuarial science provides a systematic theoretical and practical knowledge of Actuarial mathematics and its applications in life, pension and medical insurance, a coherent theoretical knowledge of the theory of probability and statistics to the extent necessary in particular to modelling and simulating non-life insurance risks, further knowledge of financial mathematics, investments, portfolio theory and derivatives, as well as theoretical knowledge of higher mathematics, probability, statistics and operational research. Particular attention is given to the computing work.


Employability of students

Graduates have the ability to apply quantitative methods in economics, particularly in the insurance and financial sectors, they are able to make decisions based on professional analyses through the methods of current ACTUARIAL sciences, they can address the underlying problems of risk management and financial insurance flows, they have skills in the use of computing and the use of mathematical and statistical programming packages. The study is mainly a training for the pursuit of the profession of "actuary" in insurance companies, but they can also find employment in pension funds and banks.


From the history of the department

Since the creation of the High business school, the teaching of mathematics was provided by the Institute of Economic Conception, in which prof. PhDr. Juraj Hronec and RNDr. Ján Vanovič held lectures. In 1950, the Institute of Socio-Economic statistics was established, which also provided teaching of mathematics. In 1952 the Institute of Socio-economic statistics was renamed to the Department of Statistics and Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics was formed only in the academic year 1960/61, when the Department of Statistics and Mathematics broke into two separate departments. In 2011, the department's name took the phrase “ACTUARIAL studies”.


Cooperation of the Department

Cooperation with colleagues from other universities and organizations in Slovakia and abroad includes cooperation in organizing conferences and seminars, cooperation in the activities of the actuaries, assessment and work in the commissions for the dissertation defense and the like. The Department of Mathematics and ACTUARIAL Science of the Faculty of Economic Informatics in Bratislava cooperates in particular with the Department of finance of the University in Ostrava, with the Department of Mathematics of the University in Prague, with Faculty of business of the University in Brno and with the Slovak Society of the Actuaries.