The Department of Statistics is a science and pedagogic department whose members focus on the study and application of a wide range of statistical disciplines by using statistical programming systems in the socio-economic field.

The Department provides teaching of the course of statistics at all faculties of the University of Economics and at all forms of study. The Department is responsible for the accredited study program of Statistical methods in economics on the 2nd degree of study in the study field 3.3.24 Quantitative methods in economy.

The department is a guarantor of an accredited doctoral study program Quantitative methods in economics on the 3rd degree of study in the study field 3.3.24 Quantitative methods in economics. It focuses on the education of scientific and professional people who are capable to apply a wide range of statistical methods in the analyses on the microeconomic and macroeconomic level.

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Profile of graduates

Studying in this study program will provide the graduate with methodological insights from a wide range of statistical analytical methodologies and techniques, as well as knowledge of the possibilities and conditions of their application, in the economic, social, demographic or other areas.

This, currently a highly sought-after combination of knowledge, offers opportunities for its qualified application in the analysis and modelling complex economic and social causal relationships and the creation of probability-statistical and prognostic models for decision-making and management needs in economic practice.

The graduate acquires enough skills for using the programmed analytical statistical systems (SAS, SPSS, Statgraphics...), without which the application of advanced statistical methods in economic and social analysis is not possible.

The graduate of the study program of the Statistical methods in economics scientifically obtains professional training of a high educated economist-statistics, allowing it to be applied in the headquarters of national statistics, particularly in the following professions:

  • methodology to produce statistical indicators,
  • analytics in the field of economic analyses,
  • In regional bodies of national statistics,
  • in institutions of economic practice, enterprises, financial institutions, sectors, research institutions and
  • Institutions in the tertiary sphere.


Scientific and research activities

In the scientific, research and publishing activities, the Department of Statistics focuses on the elaboration and application of statistical methods to address the current problems of socio-economic practice. In recent years, it focuses on the issue of statistical analyses of the labor market, the social situation of households, wage developments, insurance market, quality control, etc.