Econometrics and Operation research

The graduate of this study program gains knowledge of scientific methods of analysis and synthesis of economic systems with a focus on microeconomic and macroeconomic systems, demonstrated in the form of economic mathematical models used to formulate and address complex decision-making problems and the solving of complex business strategies, sectors and the national economy. The graduate can react creatively in order to address the challenges generated by economic practice, whereas the primary goal of its training is to cope with the exact methods and model approaches. In the context of the globalization of the economy and the accession of Slovakia to the European Union, this type of education is necessary in view of the development of economic theory at comparable universities and colleges in Europe and worldwide.


Quantitative methods in economics

The graduate gains the knowledge of scientific methods of analysis and synthesis of economic systems, which enable to find solutions to complex problems of decision-making at all levels of the national economy, by using quantitative methods. The content of the knowledge will guarantee compatibility and scientific mobility in the European space.



The third-degree graduates of the study program Accounting have knowledge of scientific methods of research in accounting and auditing with a focus on both national and international theoretical and methodological problems in the above mentioned and related areas. They are able to address complex theoretical and practical issues at different levels of management, to apply new knowledge in pedagogical and broader economic and social practice in a creative way. They are able to participate in creating coherent concepts of economic development in accounting and auditing, addressing demanding research tasks and publishing research results in scientific and professional journals and texts in higher education.