Dear students,

In this academic year you can apply for status of a student with specific needs. Students with this type of health disadvantage may apply for the status in the following categories:

  • Visual impairments (blind, low vision),
  • Hearing impairments (deaf, hearing-impaired),
  • Physical disability of the lower limbs,
  • Physical disability of the upper limbs,
  • chronic disease (cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, organ or tissue transplantation, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, progressive disease),
  • health weakness (long-term illness and consequent health weakness, convalescence, or decreased resistance to diseases, tendency to relapse of disease or a student with health threats due to the impact of inappropriate environment, lifecycle, improper nutrition),
  • mental illness (current mental state or longer-term psychological disorder of mental health affects the ability to perform the study duties in the standard mode),
  • autism or other pervasive developmental disorder (Asperger's syndrome, etc.),
  • learning disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphy, dyscalculia, dysortography).

We ask students concerned to attach the current medical report to the application, sign the application in handwritten form, and submit it personally into the Office of the student coordinator with specific needs (RNDr. Anna Strešňáková, PhD. D 8.36). A new application for the inclusion in the records of students with specific needs, along with the current health report, must also be translated by students who repeatedly ask for student status with specific needs.

Forms required for applications:


Requests are submitted before the beginning of the academic year, even with the respective confirmed forms. However, in the case of newly found health disability, this is also possible during the year.




Vice-Dean for Social Affairs and Informatics

Assistant Professor

D8.36 +421267295836